Many health issues are nutrition related and require lifestyle changes. Betsy will educate, guide, and inspire you nutritionally and physically to enjoy the best of your health. By properly fueling your body and increasing your fitness level, you will achieve a more energetic and healthy lifestyle. To achieve your peak performance in life or competition. Betsy will provide:

  • Nutrition and training information
  • Simple nutrition and fitness rules to follow everyday
  • Food choices and clean eating guidance
  • Motivation and personal responsibility
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Meal and menu advice
  • Fitness tips
  • Daily accountability and more

Email Betsy today to schedule your consultation to see how a lifestyle change can benefit your health and overall well-being.

Are you frustrated with yourself? Do you keep telling yourself that you are going to start a new diet on Monday? CHECK OUT OUR SECTION ON WEIGHT LOSS.

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Many organizations today are concerned with the wellness of its employees. This may be companies interested in the wellness of its employees, social/civic clubs promoting the interest of its members, or youth organization wishing to promote proper nutrition at an earlier age. BETSY’S NUTRITIONAL CONSULTING offers WELLNESS LECTURES.

Country Clubs offering dining would find interest in Betsy’s prospective on “Healthy Fine Dining”. Betsy’s Nutritional Consulting offers reviews of an organization’s food and exercise areas including formal and casual dining, kid’s and pool menus, and protein shake ideas. Learn more in the COUNTRY CLUB section.

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Betsy has been involved in athletics her entire life and has a passion for exercise and nutrition. As Betsy started to seriously train for races, she started educating herself on the nutrition side of these events as well. She understands what it means to compete, but most importantly, how to fuel your body correctly for an ultimate lifestyle change. Betsy has a passion for nutrition and sports and loves to help people reach their ultimate goal in weight loss and lifestyle changes. MORE ON BETSY