3 Reasons to Take Your Workout Outside

Mar 16, 2022

With warmer spring weather and longer days around the corner, there’s no better time to start moving your workouts outdoors! You’ll feel more motivated to get outside and get some sunshine. Spring break is also approaching, so take your workouts outside to start chipping away at your fitness goals before you hit the beach. 

Continue reading to get my top three reasons on why you should take your workouts outdoors this spring!

  1. An Opportunity to Vary Your Workouts

One of my favorite things about exercising outdoors is the wide variety of workouts you can do while outside. From jogging to walking or biking, there are so many options to stay fit while exercising in the fresh air. Not only do you have a variety of workout options, but you also have the option to change when and where you are working out. Changing your environment on a consistent basis will keep your workouts exciting and motivating. You can search your local area for parks to jog on, trails to bike on, or work out in your neighborhood with a group. Some of my favorite Knoxville spots for an outdoor workout session are: Ijams Nature Center, Cherokee Boulevard, Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, and Lakeshore Park.

  1. Make It A Social Outing

Working out doesn’t have to be an individual activity. Bring along a friend or a family member to make working out a social outing as well. This gives you a designated time to catch up with your workout partner about any exciting news and life updates. You will also have someone to hold you accountable to your workout routine and goals.. Having someone with similar goals will not only help you achieve your own goals, but can also help you stay motivated. If you can’t think of a potential partner to workout with, you could find workout groups in your neighborhood or local area to join!

  1. Free of Charge

Gym memberships can be costly and maybe you’re not comfortable working out in person in a gym setting quite yet. Working out outside gives you the opportunity to change up your workout setting, get some fresh air, and it’s free! All you need to get a fantastic workout outside is a safe, well-lit park, neighborhood or walking trail. No workout equipment necessary. No gym membership is required. This will also save both your time and money by not having to commute to the gym and back each time you plan on exercising.

I am so excited for the weather to warm up so that I can go back to some of my favorite outdoor activities! These three reasons should be enough to motivate you to do the same as well. If you’re looking for a reliable coach contact me today and we can start building a nutrition and fitness plan together!

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