3 Tips For Eating Healthy With Your Family

Apr 23, 2020

Ever feel like eating healthy with a family is a lose-lose situation? Maybe you think that you have to pick between eating nutritiously or pleasing your picky eaters and I’m here to share some tips I use in my life that prove that’s not the case. You don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to get the healthy lifestyle you deserve, just these simple tips to tackle meal time with the family in a healthful, easy way! 

Have A Designated Family Snack Stash

Having a place to get predefined snacks helps your family eat the things that are available and ready for them, and cuts out the chance for an unhealthy decision if the snacking is left up to your hungry stomach. With healthy snacks in arms reach, you and your kids will be less likely to eat something you are not supposed to or deprive yourself of a boost of fuel when you really need it. Try supplying a snack bowl in your house full of ready to eat fruit, or make these energy bars to keep around for when the munchies hit.

Modify Meals

You don’t need to make separate meals! The normal tendency is to cater to your family because they might not be on the same weight loss journey as you. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your goals to please the bunch. Just try switching out certain ingredients in the same meal to make it work for both you and your kiddos. Maybe it’s burger night and you want to stay on track, try making this lettuce bun and adding yummy, nutritious toppings and then providing whole wheat buns for your kids or partner. If you want to see how I did it for my family, check out this video that will walk you through it! 

Go Gradual

Introduce nutritious foods into your family’s diet as you do. Don’t push anything, but rather take small steps to incorporate the foods that are beneficial in increments. Even if it’s healthy food that you are getting used to, try giving it to your family.  They might like it and it could become another option for a regular dinner go-to. Going gradual also means swapping things in the meals that you have with your family when you go out or stay at home. You don’t have to give it up, just focus on small informed decisions and they will go a long way.

Finding ways to gain progress in your weight loss journey while also providing a fun mealtime for your family doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Use these helpful recipes and tips to make your kids happy and get you to your goals! You deserve to feel empowered at home in your food choices that will lead you to achieve the goals you want and make your family happy.

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