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3 Ways To Have A Healthy Week

May 26, 2020

Do you ever feel like you’re behind on everything you need to do for the week, and the week hasn’t even started? I know that I can steamroll through my weekend into a new week without taking the time to recharge and reset for the coming week. Anytime I neglect setting myself up for success during the weekend, I feel out of control, stressed, and discouraged by the end of the week and I’m sure you’ve felt that way too.

You deserve to walk into a new week ready to crush your goals and experience life to the fullest both physically and mentally. Use your weekend to refocus, restore, and reduce – three core practices that will help you enter the week with energy and motivation to face tasks and reach your goals. 

Learn more about incorporating these practices into your weekend so you can experience a successful week ahead! 


Refocusing is the exercise of getting clear on what you want to work towards and grow in during the upcoming week. I’ve learned that if I don’t look ahead at what I want to work towards in my week, I have less motivation and by the end of the week, I’m disappointed in my progress. Taking time to refocus before the week starts allows me time to think about my goals for the week and leave me feeling strong and ready to succeed. 

Ways to Refocus For The Week Ahead: 

1. Set goals. 

It sounds simple, but it works! I like to set three types of goals for my upcoming week: one thing I want to accomplish, one thing I want to grow in, and one thing I want to start doing right now for the week ahead. For example, I want to set a PR in my running this week (accomplish), I want to read a book about stress management (growth), and I want to begin winding down an hour before bedtime (starting). This gives me three areas of my life to focus my energy and priorities on for the week ahead. 

2. Plan workouts

Block out time in your schedule for workouts so they remain a priority, or try making a list of at-home workouts you want to complete and check them off once completed. Planning workouts is a simple way to keep your day running smoothly!


Take time to restore your body and mind by using the weekend to rest, practice self-care, and do things that bring you joy. If you aren’t taking time to make sure you’re happy, rested, and grateful chances are you’ll lose focus and motivation in the week ahead. Use the weekend to take care of your body so you can conquer your goals next week! 

Ways to Restore For The Week Ahead: 

1. Practice self-care. 

Self-care looks different for everyone. You might enjoy journaling in the morning, writing a gratitude list before bed, or practicing meditation. Take the time to practice the self-care that restores your body and mind, you deserve it!

2. Rest.

Rest is more than a healthy sleep schedule. Rest also includes walking, yoga, or getting outdoors. Practicing restful activities during the weekend helps you clear your mind and your body to fuel up for the coming week.


Reducing isn’t about recycling (although that is important)! Reduce means eliminating small or monotonous tasks you do every day that are getting in the way of making your week simpler. Think through unnecessary steps in your week that can be eliminated from your schedule. Clearing these tasks means more time to focus on your goals! 

Ways to Reduce For The Week Ahead: 

1. Meal prep.

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and eat healthier! By creating a menu for the week, shopping for ingredients, and making what you can ahead of time you save yourself time and have meals have in place to curb any cravings for something sweet! Check out my website for recipes and videos to help you meal prep for your family. I promise they taste good (all my recipes have passed my family’s taste test)! 

2. Set out your workout clothes the night before. 

Reducing means eliminating monotonous tasks that eat up precious time in your schedule. Streamline your workout process by laying out your workout clothes ahead of time. This saves time and excuses for not working out!  

Everyone wants to wake up Monday morning ready to crush the week ahead. But that mindset starts by resting, restoring, and reducing over the weekend. Everyone should feel like they can meet the demands of their week with focus, clarity, and energy. 

Try out these tips to see how rewarding small yet consistent progress can be as you work towards your wellness goals! 

If you want more ideas for new at-home workout tips, weight loss, or recipes, check out my blog and Instagram and sign up for my monthly newsletter! They provide many helpful resources designed to keep you healthy and help you reach your health goals!

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