Pack Healthy Snacks for Your Vacation!

Nov 19, 2019

In an ideal world, I would spend the days before our trip in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and creating lots of healthy, tasty, and homemade treats to eat on the road. Yeah, not so much!

I always plan to do that, but the last week before a trip is full of work, mom duties and everything else BUT cooking. So, I do the best I can, and search for lots of healthy, all-natural pre-made alternatives. I thought I would pull together a list of all of my favorite healthy road trip snack ideas. Hopefully, you will be able to find some goodies for your next journey!

I tend to be a boredom snacker on road trips, so fruit and veggies are where it is at for me! Any fruit or veggie will do, but I recommend sticking with veggies that are not messy.

Cauliflower florets
Broccoli florets
Baby carrots
Snap peas
Celery sticks
Clementines or cuties

If you are not a fan of veggies straight up like I am, you can also pack some dippers in a cooler:

Guacamole: purchase the 100 calorie cups for road trips
Hummus: the snack size hummus containers are perfect and so easy to pack

Road trip snacking is so often carb city, and not often very good quality carb. This is why you feel so hungry before you even get to the next exit! The key to road trip satiation? Protein!

Yogurt: look for higher fat versions with less sugar!
Jerky: there are lots of healthier version out here without much additives
Almonds: The 100 calorie nut packs are great for packing on a trip
String Cheese
Roasted chickpeas
Nut butter packets: it is like a shot of liquid energy
Energy bars : pick up your favorites, but be sure to look at the sugar content. A bar that is higher in protein, will help you stay full and satisfied for a while in the car.

I cannot make it through a road trip without a little something sweet! Instead of grabbing a candy bar from the gas station, I like to pack my own (healthier) treats to grab in a chocolate emergency.

Cocoa dusted almonds
Dark chocolate
Chocolate covered fruit or nuts
Whole grain dry cereal

Enjoy your vacation eating healthy along the way!

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