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Heading Into Fall Try This!  1.) Heading into fall, start supplementing vitamin D-As we move into winter months and less sun exposure, starting supplement vitamin D to improve mood and immune system. 2.) Moisturize your skin. -Avoid drying out your skin in harsh winter  temperatures. 3.) View this new season as an opportunity to purchase in season food. - Focus on broccoli, cabbage, squash, pumpkin, dark leafy veggies and focus on nourishing your body  Take A Hike! Hiking Weather Is Here... Find a fun way to get moving... 1.) Pick a weekend ahead of time and schedule a hike in advance 2.) Switch up your workout routine and get on the trail 3.) Take the whole family for group activity time 4.) Hydrate on the mountain! 4.) Pack a healthy picnic and enjoy the views...

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