Betsy's Pantry by Chef David

Sorry you missed us! 

Due to President's Day on Monday, February 19th, we will not have a menu posted this week for pick or delivery that day. 

Our next menu will be posted on Monday, February 19th for pick up or delivery the following Monday, February 26th.

Visit Betsy's Pantry on Sunday evening for new menu specials, plus the favorite menu items that your whole family will enjoy.  Order by midnight each Wednesday, and your pre-ordered food will be cooked fresh and ready to be picked up the following Monday afternoon at your specified pickup location. 

This will set you and your family up for success at the beginning of each week!

Receive Weekly Menu Specials

 View Sample Menu:

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Entree Specials Change Weekly

Seafood: Tuna, Shrimp, or Salmon $15.50

Meat : Steak, Pork, or Turkey Burger $15.50

Chicken: Chicken or Chicken Tacos $13.50

Convenient Packages:

Busy Mom Package: 2 Hummus Snack Packs, 2 Muffin Snack Packs, Pack of 6 Grilled Turkey Burgers, Quart of Sliced Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Your Choice of 6 Pack of Protein Muffins: $57

Muscle Building Protein Package: Pack of 6 Grilled Chicken Breast, Pack of 6 Grilled Shrimp, Pint of Turkey Chili, Your Choice of 6 Pack of Protein Muffins: $65

No Time to Cook Package: Kitchen Sink Salad, Pan of Vegetables of the Week, Pack of 6 Grilled Chicken Breast, Quart of Soup, Your Choice of 6 Pack of Protein Muffins: $86

Packs of Grilled Protein

Grilled Shrimp: $28

Grilled Salmon (4): $36

Grilled Flank Steak (sliced): $40

Grilled Chicken Breasts (6): $24

Grilled Turkey Burgers (6): $20

Pans of Salad or Veggies

Kitchen Sink Salad: $24

Roasted Vegetable Mixture: $25

Add-On Menu Items:

Snack Packs: $5.95

Granola Snack Pack: $6.95

Healthy Granola: $8.95

Salsa of the Week: $12

ZenEvo 30-Day Supply Dark Chocolate: $18.99 

Cinnamon Almond Butter: $19 pint/$36 quart

Protein Power Muffins: $8 1/2 dozen/$14 dozen

Healthy Soup: $10 pint/$12 quart

Veggie of the Week: $7 pint /$10 quart

Sliced Sweet Potatoes: $6 pint/$12 quart


 Children's Menu:

Flank Steak Tacos with Fruit: $10.50

Grilled Salmon, Broccoli, Fruit: $10.50

Chicken Tacos with Fruit: $7.50

Pickup Locations:

Barre3 on Bearden Hill

6450 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

The Temple Human Performance Services

Above Cazzy's Bar and Grill in Northshore Town Center

2099 Thunderhead Rd #205
Knoxville, TN 37922