Amanda’s Story

Jan 8, 2021

My name is Amanda. I’m a happily married 45-year old business owner who needs organization, structure, and order in my life, my home, and my work. I love to follow a plan and I don’t enjoy surprises. So, when the world got weird in the early part of 2020, most of my “plan” for the year got tossed out the window.
Like most everyone, my schedule was immediately altered: work was different, the gym was closed, grocery shopping became stressful. I was not sleeping well, began an erratic exercise regimen coupled with intermittent fasting (which just lead to me grazing most days or not eating much at all) and the sporadic (and too-often) Covid cocktail hours had slipped into our home.
I was lucky to grow up being taught good eating habits and leading an active lifestyle, but I had become stressed to the max and knew I needed someone to help create and manage the plan to get myself back on track. In late June, I reached out to Betsy after seeing a testimonial from a running friend about my same age who talked openly about her journey. I am so thankful for my new friend.
Betsy listened to me, helped me set realistic goals and we began our work in July. I knew it would be a process that would take time. We tweaked meal times, food combinations, and workouts and she was there all along the way. In addition to sleeping very well, feeling great, and getting back to a steady running/biking/workout regimen, I am down 16 pounds and the work is not over. Initially, I thought it would be possible to drop a little weight and I generally feel like I look the same, but the change in my body has surprised even me.
Betsy told me a few weeks ago that “this (your nutrition) is one thing that you can control” and that resonated with me. She’s so right. I have one life and one body and, especially at this time, I need to take special care of myself. Call her. Don’t be afraid. Betsy will take good care of you.

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