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Ashley’s Story

Jan 25, 2021

“I began working with Betsy in the Fall of 2019. I am in my early 40’s and my weight had started to creep up. I also have quite a lengthy family history of diabetes and heart issues and I really wanted to learn better techniques in the hopes of preventing myself from going down the same path.
I’m a typical wife and Mom of two kids. A good portion of my day is spent in the car driving my kids to their various engagements. I started to realize that my life was leading me rather than me leading my life, I had to gain a better focus.
From the moment that I met Betsy, I felt like I was meeting an old friend for coffee. She was welcoming and understanding. She had me begin by keeping a good journal which then helped her to understand how she could help me. My main problem was skipping breakfast and then being famished by lunch and grabbing whatever was convenient. Betsy helped me to better understand how to fuel my body to keep my energy levels from dipping too low throughout the day.
The recipes that you can find on her website are absolutely amazing. I was concerned that I would need to cook two sets of meals- one for me and one for my family. We have all loved her recipes from the start. My kids would rather have a turkey burger from Betsy’s recipes than a typical ground beef hamburger. All of her recipes have so much flavor, you don’t feel like you’re being deprived of anything at all I was doing great and then Covid hit and the world seemed to stop. We were all stuck at home and honestly, I almost let the stress of the situation take over. Betsy was there for me every step of the way reminding me that I had come too far to give up. Over time choosing to eat better and be more active has become a daily lifestyle that I just do without even thinking about it. It’s not time-consuming or stressful at all. I have Betsy to thank for helping to put me on a path to a better life of health.”

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