Ashly Sims, reached goal weight after 3rd pregnancy

Dec 8, 2019

“After being pregnant 3 times in under two years my body had been inconsistently up and down with my weight and body fat. When I got pregnant the third time, I put on weight dramatically. I was eating nonstop and making terrible choices. I had no energy and felt terrible about myself. I met Betsy through a friend and had remembered a conversation we all had about nutrition and decided to reach out to her. We met towards the beginning of my second trimester and Betsy created a healthy and clean eating plan for me. It was not to lose weight, but to maintain healthy weight gain throughout my pregnancy while giving my body all of the nutrients that my baby boy and I needed. Within just one week my energy was back up. Throughout my pregnancy I gained the recommended amount of weight (almost 30 pounds) at a steady pace. I had so much energy that I managed to run throughout my entire pregnancy and my delivery was a breeze! Betsy and I agreed to meet when I was ready after giving birth. We then met again 1 month after giving birth. She created a two-month plan for me. It was not about counting calories, but eating clean and nourishing food. I was shocked this time because I was never hungry, but still losing weight. I appreciate that Betsy practiced what she preached and we really built a friendship throughout the process. Not only did she help with diet, but helped me get back on track with an exercise plan, meet a new trainer and helped me get creative in the kitchen to cook for my entire family. By week 10 postpartum I was back down to my goal weight. I feel better than ever and enjoy my Betsy meals from Betsy’s pantry every week! I am almost 31 years old and can honestly say I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me!”

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