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David’s Journey

Jul 28, 2021

I had never taken what I eat seriously and I was in fact jokingly known for just how much I could eat in a single sitting. It was always the same routine – little or no breakfast, enormous lunch, and bigger dinner. I was always active, however, and it never seemed to matter. I turned 40 on the heels of the pandemic and had a rude awakening in that it suddenly felt like I was dragging myself from meal to meal, day to day. My clothes didn’t fit and it cost me dearly in terms of self-confidence. I was somehow still not convinced that the issue was my diet, but my wife dragged me (over my protests) to meet with Betsy. I was afraid of change and generally of anything that would require more time out of my already hectic schedule and more effort when I had seemingly none to give. I am happy to say that, after talking with Betsy and putting a plan together, I lost 25 lbs. in 9 weeks. I think I am an atypical dieter in that I can’t cook and I don’t do well with anything that I feel might even slightly affect my daily routine. Betsy, however, made it very simple and very easy. She was always positive, always encouraging, and she didn’t get down on me if I had an off-plan day. She gave me options that required nothing more than a little more thought at the grocery store, and I feel stronger and more energized by the day. I have kept my routines, and I still can’t cook. I am, as Betsy says, being intentional about what I eat and that has made all the difference.

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