Emily’s Journey

Apr 1, 2020

You can’t outwork a bad diet… Well, I definitely thought I could! And I didn’t think my diet was even all that bad. As a former collegiate swimmer and current fitness junkie, I thought I could indulge as cravings hit and be just fine because I worked out hard and often. But slowly the weight crept on. I was not by any means overweight – I just felt sluggish and exhausted all the time. I tried the occasional sugar-free or carb-free diets, only to be miserable and have even stronger cravings.I had been following Betsy on social media for several months and finally decided to use my upcoming wedding as the catalyst for a change.

At our first meeting, I already knew this was different – she nailed my issues and gave me a clear roadmap on how to fix them. I am eating more than I could have ever imagined, and even with less workouts due to a busy work schedule, the weight is falling off. It was like my body was saying “Finally! Thanks for treating me well!” My energy is through the roof and so is my confidence. My cravings have all but disappeared – the one cheat meal per week is all I need because it usually includes a fun date night with my husband-to-be! The wedding is definitely what pushed me to try this program out but I know the changes I have made with Betsy’s guidance are for life. Thank you for everything!

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