Heidi’s Transformation

Jun 30, 2020

I had followed Betsy for several months on social media and marveled enviously at the Tuesday testimonials. It wasn’t until I saw one from a 60 yr old female that I actually got the courage to message Betsy. But I still hesitated. I had slowly gained weight over the years and was at the highest weight I had ever been at. I was glad when summer ended and boating season was over; I hated wearing shorts; I was dreading and did not want to attend holiday parties. I had been taking blood pressure & cholesterol meds for years. I had become borderline diabetic. I’m not an extreme athlete so why would she want to work with me? I’m old enough to be her mother so why would she want to work with me? I was so wrong!! I messaged her and got an immediate encouraging response. When I met with Betsy, she could not have been more approachable, encouraging, and optimistic. I poured my heart out and she listened. There are so many food options and I eat several times a day! I grocery shop at any and all stores. I eat regular food. There are no pills and no supplements, etc. to order. Just real food. What really amazed me was that I easily lost pounds by only changing my eating habits! I did not work out at a gym or attend workout classes. I have lost a total of 35 lbs without giving up anything that I love! I have dropped 4 sizes and have a new wardrobe! My blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar have returned to normal without medication. I have started exercising again which has made me feel even healthier and more energetic! I needed accountability and Betsy has been there every day for me. Now I look forward to the birth of my 3rd grandchild and my 60th birthday in a few months feeling healthier and happier than ever! Thank you, Betsy!!

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