Jacque’s Story

Oct 5, 2021

“I’m 67 years old and after trying just about every diet you can think of, I finally realized that a diet really wasn’t what I needed! I needed a change in what I ate all of the time. A friend recommended Betsy so I contacted her and started working with her in January 2021. She started me on a plan that was easy to follow, I wasn’t hungry or craving anything. She encourages you daily and helps you to stay on track.
I really thought I ate fairly healthy before, but I apparently wasn’t! I have learned so much from Betsy. I have lost 25 pounds since January. I feel so much better, have more energy, have fewer migraines, and even sleep better! I had been working out regularly, but I really have seen a big difference since January! As I have always been told, “ You can’t outwork a bad diet”. I believe it now!

Working with Betsy has been the best thing I’ve ever done, I just wish I had found her sooner!”

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