Jen Kirchhofer, lost 15 pounds

Dec 8, 2019

“The past several years have been a whirlwind of chaos. I was 37 and diagnosed with breast cancer. The next two years were spent battling the evil beast with aggressive chemotherapy and many surgeries. Proud to say, I slayed the monster and stand victorious over its lifeless mass! Hurray!! After the smoke cleared, I was left with a weak and tired little body. Not only was there damage from chemo, I also went through menopause chemically induced by chemo and solidified through surgery. Now the journey begins. Everything is different. Nothing taste the same. Nothing fits the same. Nothing feels the same. You get the idea. I attempted old methods of eating and working out. No such luck. I don’t know who’s body I’m in but this just isn’t working. Super frustrated and feeling sorry for myself, my husband suggested Betsy. Betsy Johnson. Just her name sounded positive. She didn’t disappoint! Immediately she was like a best friend . I rambled. She listened. Then she offered an overwhelming amount of priceless information: Scientific reasoning, meal plans, schedules, grocery list, restaurant guides, recipes… I couldn’t believe it! Everything seemed so simple. It was brilliant. Then with that huge smile she said, ”let’s do this!” I was hooked! Her plans adapt to your lifestyle. She reviews your food log and will adjust accordingly. Weekly weigh ins to track your progress. Lots of sweet and motivating messages. Just after a couple of days I felt really good. It’s amazing how a few minor changes can make such a huge difference. I have lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks! I don’t have a specific weight I’m trying to reach. Just want to feel good in this new body. Thank you Betsy!! You are amazing!”

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