Karen’s Story

Jul 27, 2020

“I have always had trouble losing weight. In my lifetime, I have tried diet pills, fad diets, advertised supplements and the most I could ever lose was 10 pounds. Nine years ago, after a serious hamstring injury and when I was approaching 60, I started gaining weight and it was all I could do not to gain anymore. I hated stepping on the scales. I stay very busy and was frustrated by my weight gain and had resigned myself that I was not going to be able to lose it, since I was “old”, had low thyroid and was post-menopausal. Two years ago, I saw a testimonial on Betsy’s Instagram by a woman in her mid-sixties (my age) who had been successful in losing weight following Betsy’s plan and I decided to bite the bullet and contacted Betsy. She taught me how to eat and to be accountable and in the first 4 months, I lost over 20 pounds but was not able to lose to the goal Betsy and I had set initially. Every winter, my weight would go up a little and it was hard to get the weight off. In November of 2019, I took a wonderful choir trip to Europe and arrived home in December to all of the Christmas rushes. Winter hit and I found the weight inching up. At the beginning of the pandemic, I just happened to see Betsy and mentioned that I probably needed to work with her again. She contacted me the next day and I started working hard on eating properly and regularly and walking frequently. Betsy is always encouraging and very positive. I am happy to say that I am very close to having lost a total of 30 pounds from my highest weight two years ago and 12 pounds since I started back with Betsy.I feel good, have more energy, and don’t crave foods that I should not have. I love tennis and can move so much more quickly than when I was heavier. I am so grateful to Betsy for getting me back on track and hope to maintain this weight loss.”

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