Katie’s Journey

Mar 16, 2022

My story has some similarities to others who have struggled with weight at different points. In my late 20s, I noticed a pattern: when I was stressed out or feeling low, I tended to eat a lot of junk food and things that I knew weren’t good for me. This resulted in my weight going up and down and trying several different weight-loss strategies. I had a friend who had worked with Betsy and had been successful in her weight loss journey, so I decided to reach out to Betsy to see if she could help me reach my goals. When I contacted Betsy, she was incredibly encouraging and positive. She believed in me from day one, even when I wasn’t sure I could actually lose the weight and keep it off. I met with her during the summer before I was planning to return to graduate school in another city – Betsy assured me that we could continue working together and have check-ins on FaceTime or Zoom when I moved. I was able to get adjusted to my new healthy eating routine while I was in Knoxville and continue following it when I moved to my new city – this was extremely helpful for me and gave me a sense of confidence that I could be consistent no matter what I had going on in my life.

Through my experience working with Betsy, I have lost 25 pounds! I am so grateful for the experience of working with her. I feel so much better physically and so much more confident. I can wear clothes I haven’t been able to fit into in years! What truly made the difference for me in my work with Betsy was the accountability that she provides. Knowing that she was coaching me every day helped me stay on track and be successful. Betsy has been so kind throughout this process – she has celebrated with me when I have had successes and has been honest, patient, and supportive when I was starting to veer off course.

If you are wanting to lose weight, I cannot recommend working with her enough. She will help you reach your goals, hold you accountable, and offer tons of support along the way. Thank you so much, Betsy!!!

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