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Mar 31, 2020

I am currently 53 and have been running in races since my late 30’s. I have always tried to eat healthy and thought I knew how to fuel my body. I decided 2 years ago to run my first marathon with the goal of eventually qualifying to run Boston. I was able to complete my first marathon, however, I suffered significant cramping in my calves which slowed my pace and knocked me out of qualifying. My 2nd marathon was much the same. I suffered severe leg cramping at mile 20 and was completely “bonking” at the end of the race. After discussing these issues with my coach, he felt the cramping and “bonking” were a fueling issue and suggested I seek nutritional counseling from Betsy. I reached out to Betsy 3 months before my next marathon. 

From my first meeting with Betsy, I knew nutrition was going to be a game-changer for me. As I followed the nutritional plan Betsy developed, I began to notice I had more energy during the day and for after-work training runs. Prior to each speed workout and Saturday long run, Betsy and I would discuss a pre-run fueling plan to make sure I was fueling correctly. During my long runs, I felt strong and had more energy to sustain the easy pace, push the pick up miles and most importantly no bonking or cramping. While following Betsy’s nutritional plan I PR’d 3 races and my training continued to progress with strong training runs.

Betsy and I met 2 weeks before my last marathon to develop a fueling plan for the week before the marathon and the day of the marathon. On March 1st, I ran the One City Marathon with a PR of 10 minutes and a Boston qualifying time of 3:51:28. The best thing was that I had absolutely no cramping and I felt strong the entire race. I can honestly say I would not have qualified without Betsy’s nutritional guidance, support and encouragement (not to mention she is a great cheerleader!) This is one of the best decisions I made to help achieve my goals as a runner. Betsy Rocks!!

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