Ken Bodie, lost 15 pounds

Dec 8, 2019

“I first hired Betsy on May 14, 2014. She had my body composition tested and I weighed in at 195.4 lbs which included 46.4 lbs of fat, and 149 lbs of lean muscle. I was already actively working out 5-6 days a week, but could not lose weight. By following Betsy’s nutrition plan of eating 6 times a day with lean protein and complex carbs, I never went hungry. Betsy wanted me to reduce my alcohol intake, but I told her that I enjoyed my wine and beer too much and did not follow her advice. On July 9, 2014 I had my body composition tested again and I weighed in at 180.1 lbs with 29.9 lbs of fat and 150.2 lbs of lean muscle. I had lost 16.5 lbs of fat and gained 1.2 lbs of muscle. I lost 15.3 lbs in 56 days and never went hungry! My weight stayed pretty consistent until this past year, I began following Betsy’s plan on my own. I have lost 12.4 lbs in 21 days (this time I cut out the alcohol as well). At the age of 56, I have lost 15 pounds with the only change in my lifestyle being my nutrition. If you want to lose weight the correct way, I would highly recommend Betsy.”

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