Lauren Yoon, Athlete

Dec 8, 2019

“I workout and play tennis about 3-4 hours a day because I’m getting ready for college tennis. This whole year, I’ve been working towards strengthening my upper body and getting leaner so my muscles would show. However, I saw little muscle gain which was disappointing and I felt stuck. The one thing I haven’t taken seriously was my diet, so I decided to reach out to Betsy. My initial mindset about food was that I could eat whatever I wanted since I worked out a lot. After any training session, I would immediately go straight to my Honey Nut Cheerios or my Captain Crunch. After meeting Betsy, she suggested substituting cereal with a protein shake. Though I was sad to say goodbye to my delicious cereals, introducing protein shakes into my diet greatly increased my energy and my strength. I could finally feel myself getting stronger when I went to the gym and could see some abs peeping through too! Betsy has taught me what to eat before my practices and what to eat afterwards too. I didn’t use to eat before practice because eating anything would make my stomach upset. I just thought that I had a sensitive stomach, but I know now that I was not eating the right foods at the right time. Since working with Betsy, I’ve become more in tune with what upsets my stomach and what doesn’t. Also, I can last through my entire practices with energy to spare. My skin has started to clear up (I had bad acne), and I’ve started to lean out. Betsy is a great person to work with to help reset your mindset about food, and she always gives cheerful encouragements throughout the time working with her. Now I feel prepared more than ever for college tennis!”

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