Lisa Hall, lost 10 pounds

Dec 8, 2019

“Before I began working with Betsy, I used deprivation as my main tool to control my weight. For years, I would always skip breakfast, eat a turkey wrap or a pb&j sandwich in the afternoon, and then nothing else until dinner. I ate this way all while teaching 10-12 group fitness classes and running 25 to 30 miles/week. My poor diet began to catch up with me over the past 5 years resulting in numerous injuries, including 5 [Major] surgeries on my left knee and multiple stress fractures, the most serious being in my left hip. Once I started eating according to Betsy’s plan, great things started happening! Although it was a lot of food, I stuck with it, all the while trusting her. First, I was so excited to have energy to spare after teaching 2 or 3 classes in the evening, even after running the same morning. Second, I was literally shocked when I stepped on the scales and had lost a couple of pounds after the first week. This helped to motivate me to continue eating more than I’ve eaten in years. Apparently I have fired up my metabolism, which isn’t easy to do at the age of 57! Week after week, I have continued to lose weight–10 pounds so far! I now weigh less than I did after I had my children over 30 years ago. I am lighter and, therefore, running faster and with less effort. My goal now is to make this new way of eating a habit and a lifestyle that I can maintain forever. Most of all, I am hoping to PR in a couple of goal races I have coming up this spring, while staying injury free. Thank you, Betsy, for literally changing my life!”

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