Lisa’s Story

Mar 16, 2022

“2021 was the year to get myself back!! When I first started with Betsy I had no idea how impactful and life-changing this journey would be!!! It has not only impacted my health but my family’s health.

Being the mother I most often buy the groceries and fix the meals that feed everyone! It was amazing to witness the easy shift of everyone as they watched what I was eating. My goal from the beginning was to get off the rollercoaster ride of being too full to being so hungry that I would eat anything in sight.

Betsy is simply amazing. She keeps everything simple and doable for a lifetime. I remember talking with Betsy saying I’m not a numbers person, so I won’t measure, weight, count calories. Definitely liked eating real food, chewing swallowing so drinking smoothies or juicing wasn’t going to be for me either. Betsy was great and set me up with a plan that met all those things and so much more. I have never felt hungry or deprived during this journey and have added many new favorite meals to our meal prep!

The education she has passed on that I have been able to pass along to my four kids is worth more than words can describe. Betsy’s belief and support in me along with the accountability is everything!! I was never alone on this journey and she always made me feel like I could do it, even when I doubted it. I still am in awe of the way I feel, my journey isn’t complete but it feels good. Physically yes huge changes 50lbs, went from size 18 to 10, lost over 25 inches. But the mental, psychological and emotional growth that has occurred to keep me going and wanting to keep this lifestyle for not just myself but family is irreplaceable.
Betsy is family and I am forever grateful for her sharing her gift and shine her light for others! You are a true gem Betsy and I am thankful for having you in my life. I love you sister.”

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