Lyz’s Story

Mar 16, 2022

The ’60s came in with one surgery after another. Proving just how unhealthy I had become. In December 2018 I had sinus surgery. March 2019 Vision Eye Surgery. Moving on, after sinus surgery, I developed allergies to dairy at 60. April 2019 Tonsillectomy. Next! I had been having heal pain. Went to an Orthopedic doctor. I joke, but it’s true. She put me in a boot and pretty much told me surgery would be a waste of time because I was fat! Not getting better, I went for another opinion and in Nov 2019 had calcaneal reshapement and Achilles surgery. That was fixed, but still carrying the weight did make it difficult to get over.
My last surgery and how Betsy came into my life was June 2021, hip replacement surgery.

Last summer, I noticed I could not walk without weakness in my hips. My doctor asked me if I wanted to go to an Orthopedic doctor or therapy. I picked therapy. MRI showed tearing, but I stuck with therapy. I knew the weight had to go! My daughter-in-law had met Betsy and I knew I needed help. I met with her on Oct 4th, 2020 and she has been a lifesaver. Making sure I was eating everything my body needed at each meal. She has worked with me daily, weighing in weekly, texting her daily and one monthly meeting to keep me on track. She has changed things up as I needed it. I really don’t know how she does it with so many clients, but she makes you feel like you are the only one with the time she gives you. I realized food was not more important than my health, my husband, my family, and last and most important keeping up with my grandbabies! Finally, X-rays showed hip dysplasia that was hereditary. My recovery has been remarkable. Even the doctors and therapists have been impressed.

My healing is due to the fact that I have lost 70 pounds, nutrition, and therapy. I may work on a little more weight loss, but I will continue working with Betsy for a long time. It’s not a diet, it is a lifesaver. Betsy will be a lifelong friend. Don’t wait until January 1st or Monday! Start today. Looking forward to 62 this year!!

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