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Apr 22, 2021

“I’ve struggled with my weight since I was in middle school. Since then, I’ve tried every fad diet there is, always with the same result of losing a few pounds and then gaining it all back. Now in my 30s, I’ve noticed I’ve been steadily gaining about 5 pounds a year. Then of course quarantine hit and I hit an all time high. After a summer of working out more but eating the same way, I lost a couple pounds but was still miserable.  That first meeting with Betsy, she told me the simplest things were messing me up. Not eating breakfast, waiting until lunch to pig out, then not eating again until late in the evening and binging again had me in a terrible cycle. She had me start eating 3 meals a day with the option for 3 snacks a day as well. Living alone, I am not big on cooking elaborate meals. Betsy made it so simple for me with simple meals, simple snacks (I’m a chip addict so being able to still have chips and dip every day was HUGE). Fast forward 6 months and I’m down 30 pounds. And I know I’ll keep it off because eating healthier has now become a habit. And if I decide to have pizza one night, I know it’s not a big deal because I’ll be right back on track the next day. Betsy can help you change your life, if you just have the courage to reach out to her. She’s available ALL the time (I don’t think she sleeps ) so when you’re feeling down or stressed or anything else, she’s there for you. Don’t wait, just do it!”-Maureen Cathers

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