Megan’s Story

Jun 9, 2021

I have always, for the most part, been a very active and in shape person (mix of genes, youth, and working out). I had kids later in life, which made it harder to lose weight. At 36 I had baby #1 and at 39 I had baby #2. I have always been a foodie and love good food. Well, once I had kids I was not able to get the time to work out as much and I also ate….a lot—due to stress, postnatal depression, and lack of sleep. In 2017 I found out I had high cholesterol—which shocked me. And while pregnant with baby #2 in 2018 I found out I had gestational diabetes. Both doctors told me I needed to eat better and exercise. Easier said than done. 

Fast forward to the summer of 2020—the summer of covid and stress eating. We were on vacation and I was sitting in the sand and playing at the beach with my 1 and 4 year old. As I was looking around, I noticed other moms with kids the same age as mine, who were glowing and looking confident. I, however, was not feeling confident. It hit me, that yes, I may be an older mom, but who cares!? It was then and there that I told myself it was time to do something about my physical and mental health so I can be the best parent I can be to my children. I wanted to walk the walk and not just talk the talk about confidence and self-love. I needed my kids to see a happy mom and I needed to see myself happy. 

July 2020 I started the journey of working on myself, but really only focused on exercise b/c I didn’t think I ate too bad—we didn’t eat fast food, fried food, or drink soda. I did a daily cardio/strength workout or run. I definitely was feeling better mentally, but not amazing because I wasn’t seeing much of a physical change. And I wanted to feel amazing! And to add to that, my cholesterol was still high after having a physical at the end of 2020—I was told better eating habits and weight loss would help immensely. I had tried doing it by myself and realized I needed guidance and support. 

In January 2021 I told myself it was time to reach out to a nutrition consultant. I had been following Betsy on Instagram for a while because we have mutual friends and colleagues. I really loved her positivity and her recipes looked delicious. So, I went to her website and knew right away that she is who I needed to reach out to. 

I have been working with Besty since January 2021 and it is honestly the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time. At the beginning Besty had me fill out a form about what I wanted out of this partnership and what my goals were. I also kept a food diary for a week so she could see my eating habits—time of day and type of food and beverage. Our first meeting 

was about education and reviewing the custom food plan she had created for me after reviewing all of the information I had provided. She hit the nail on the head with all my bad eating habits—late carbs, not eating breakfast, not making a balanced meal for lunch and dinners, etc. 

For the past five months I have worked hard to make sure I understand what an actual “balanced” meal is for myself—fat vs. carbs vs. protein. I have made it a habit of eating a nutritious breakfast everyday. I have learned how important both a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack is. I have used her delicious recipes and tried recipes on my own. I learned that many healthy ingredients I always used in meals weren’t as healthy when used excessively—again, balance. I learned that I don’t need to have that drink every evening—and

honestly I feel a lot better. I also have learned that it’s more than okay to enjoy life—but after working with Besty, I know how to reset the Monday after a weekend of indulgence. 

Betsy was with me every step of the way. Everyday we connected and reviewed meals I had eaten the day before and what was working and what was not. She has also been the biggest cheerleader—no negativity, just positivity—especially when there were times I was struggling, because we all have those days. She would always say, “today is a new day.” 

The biggest hurdle for me this past five months has been staying the course through a busy schedule. At the beginning of this journey, following a plan was pretty easy because it was winter and covid. We weren’t doing much socializing at all. So, cooking at home and having snacks on hand was easy. Fast forward to spring when the world started to open back up and our lives started getting busier—I was having trouble remembering to make sure I was eating. There have been soccer games, birthday parties, cookouts, etc. I could not for the life of me figure out how to get a nutritious meal in. Well, because Betsy knows what a busy schedule is like, she gave me tips and helped me create a plan—and it has worked beautifully. 

I was really nervous about starting this journey with Betsy. I have always disliked the word “diet” and didn’t want my young children seeing me obsessed with losing weight. Right away, though, I knew this program was different. It’s not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. Betsy has helped me learn how to eat correctly, but still enjoy life. It has pretty much become second nature. I have learned not to beat myself up b/c I may have an off day or here. Going out to eat has become an exciting event, rather than the norm. I am teaching my kids and husband better eating habits. Besty’s nutrition philosophy is not a fad “diet”, but a healthy and simple lifestyle change. It is all about nutrition education, balance, positivity, and building confidence. It isn’t an overnight change. It takes time and dedication. I know everything Betsy has taught me is sustainable and that is amazing! 

Five months in and 20 lbs later, I finally feel healthy—both mentally and physically. I feel confident. I know I will be able to keep up with my two kiddos for a very long time—through slow times and busy times. To sum it all up, I have learned how to be a happier and healthier version of myself and for all of my loved ones. I have found Megan again.

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