Miller’s Journey

Mar 16, 2022

We moved back to Knoxville five years ago and I quickly put weight on, our social lives were busy and it included eating out and getting drinks with friends – which I loved! My job also changed from a very active teaching career to more of a desk job setting, and these two things really changed my health. I even joined an expensive gym and worked out multiple times a week. I was toning up, but not the changes I really wanted.

So, in February of 2021 I met with Betsy, reluctantly, and put it all out there. I remember our first meeting, you’re embarrassed, but also ready to go forward and make the change. I also told her I really liked beer, I knew I needed to decrease my intake, but that I wasn’t willing to give it up either. I don’t mean to make this sound funny, but that’s the one thing people ask me, did I have to stop drinking and was Betsy mean about it. She wasn’t at all, and she understood that it was a big part of my life: going on a hike, then hitting a brewery and having a beer or two. BUT, she did help me understand that my food intake wasn’t what I thought it was. The tweaks to my daily diet were easy to do, and easy to maintain. I do not have the capacity to count calories or macros in my life, and that’s why I loved working with Betsy.

She became my pocket cheerleader, the encouragement I needed throughout this journey. I hit a couple of bumps along the way with some injuries, but I’m so grateful to have had her support during those, as I probably would have gone backwards instead of towards my goal. I can now walk/hike faster without a constant pain in my knees and I’m definitely faster on the tennis court. Although it was never about the clothes, it’s been so satisfying heading into winter and to not worry about my puffy jackets zipping and my jeans being too tight.

Betsy taught me how to eat healthier: including how to do it while busy with a full-time job, hustling kids around, and multiple trips across the country. I know if I can do it, then you can too!

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