Muna Rodriguez-Taylor, lost 20 pounds

Dec 8, 2019

“On September 24, 2017, I finished my 3rd Ironman competition with a PR time of 13:11:10 in Chattanooga. The great thing about this, or one of the great things, is that I had recently celebrated a 20 lb weight loss leading up to this competition! I had started working with Betsy in June. I was 166 lbs, and knew it wasn’t any fault of health issues, any fault of anything except not eating the way I needed to for my lifestyle. So leading up to this event, I worked very hard to get to my goal of 153 lbs, and then surpassed it to 146! Flash forward to today. I still enjoy hanging out between 147 and 149 lbs, and have enjoyed a few more PR’s since then! In December I PR’d my full marathon, in February I PR’d my half marathon and my 30k by over 9 minutes! I’ve had a few people ask me how I was knocking out 2018 with PR’s for my runs. I still attribute it to my nutrition! Since losing the weight and looking at my menu with a whole new set of eyes (Betsy’s!), I have been able to catch those moments where in the past I would veer off course and my weight would creep up. With the original weight loss, I am now able to train harder, thus build muscle while maintaining weight, and thus run faster CHARGING THE HILLS FASTER! Even through the holidays, and then a major life change, I am still blissfully sending my weight into Betsy while we manage my macros each day and week. I’m not done yet. I’ve decided to try to lose a few more (because I know I healthfully can!) and work on a BQ time for 2018! I think with the training I’m doing and the advice and guidance of Betsy, it’s an attainable 2018 goal!”

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