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Nicole’s Story

Jul 28, 2021

I have been on and off just about every diet you can think of. I’ve done the shake thing, Marco counting, etc but nothing seemed to really stick that was long sustaining. Being a working Mom with a three-year-old I need all the energy to keep me going to keep up with my little man and stay healthy doing it.

During Covid, I put on the extra 10-15lbs like most everyone out there. After having to buy all new jeans in larger sizes in 2020 I was not happy with myself at all. Add in a hysterectomy in September 2020 for medical reasons and not being able to work out for a while, things began to snowball. When February of 2021 rolled around I was not happy with my health/weight situation. Some people would say I looked great with the extra weight on me but I personally felt awful. We’ve all experienced this feeling. I then realized I was going to do something about it that worked without doing some kind of quick fix as I had always done in the past.

I have been working with Betsy for 5 months and it has been an awesome health journey. Betsy has been by my side to help me develop healthy habits that I know will stick with me. She held me accountable and taught me how to hold myself accountable. I now make healthier choices daily. I call her my Fairy Food Godmother! 🧚🏽 She helped me overcome a small plateau that I hit by giving me ways to change up my diet. I didn’t let myself get discouraged and kept going with Betsy by my side coaching me daily. At my next weigh-in with her help, I lost 2lbs that week by switching around the intake of foods while maintaining the same amount of calories my body needed.

These choices have not only resulted in a 14lb weight loss, but I feel amazing, and I have more energy.” I’m excited about the weight loss but most of all I’m so thankful for my outlook now on the foods I choose to put in my body daily thanks to Betsy.

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