Dec 8, 2019

“The scars will be there, but I have no regrets. The struggle with weight is one that I made a lifetime career out of. I am an emotional eater. A lot of us are, but somewhere along the line I lost control and wasn’t taking care of myself. Two years ago I made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I had the gastric sleeve procedure, which basically gave me a new start. It is to be used as a tool, the surgery would help me, but not fix me. I decided I was gonna go full force with this tool, nothing stopping me. I probably should have started slower, as I suffered a herniated disc after a 5K last year. That put me down for about 5 months, although I was still taking care of myself through diet when I couldn’t exercise. Since my back injury has healed, I am back at the grind. I am a regular at Thrive Functional Fitness, focusing on strengthening my core to prevent injury. I also am a regular at Bullman’s Krav Maga, loving the kickboxing classes they offer! ⁠
From my highest weight I have lost 140 lbs. More importantly, I have gotten back my life, and learned to take care of myself: mind, body, and spirit. When you see someone who is struggling with their weight, don’t judge them for how they deal with life’s bumps… we are all just trying to figure this life out, and could use some positive encouragement :heart:. Those pictures are difficult for me to look at. Judge them if you want, we all have our scars. Many thanks to God, and many thanks to all of the positive role models in my life!!”⁠

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