Renee’s Race

Jan 8, 2021

When I first met Betsy, I was training to run in my first full marathon in 2019. At the time I was eating all the wrong foods and was struggling with my running endurance, I also ended up gaining 12 lbs despite running an average of 6 to 10 miles a day/ 5 days a week. After reviewing what I ate on a typical day, Betsy was able to guide me on what “good” carbohydrates were and that I was choosing a lot of sugary carbs to fuel my runs which was having a negative effect. I am proud to say that I lost the weight that I had gained and crushed my very first full marathon. So, when the pandemic hit us in early 2020, I was not prepared mentally for this 14-day lockdown to last for months, or for my races to be canceled. On top of it having my kids’ home 24/7 while I still had to work full time from home. As you can guess I fell right into the trap of Uber eats and Doordash, I gained the 12 lbs that I had lost and a few more! I reached out to Betsy with an SOS, I was embarrassed to tell her that I had given up on all the hard work we did and that I was back to square one. We immediately came up with a plan and got to work. Everyday Betsy and I touch base regarding my daily food log, she gives the support and encouragement I need to stay on track with my goals with both nutrition and running. She is a wealth of knowledge and I trust her guidance; I have lost a total of 16 lbs in 7 months. Not only has Betsy helped with my weight she helped reignite my passion for running.

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