Sarah and Nathan’s Journey

Mar 16, 2022

A year ago I started to feel disgusted when I saw photos of myself and I knew it was time for a change. November 2019-May 2020 we had been through a lot and stopped taking care of ourselves. Also in the back of my mind was getting my body in “pregnancy shape” as we knew in the near future we would hope to try for kids. Prior to Betsy, was in the “obese” BMI and I knew it was time to make eating a priority as I was always trying to out-exercise my poor diet.

My best friend told me about Betsy and I immediately wanted to learn more. I was encouraged by her success so I decided to try Betsy. I started working with Betsy in November of 2020. I truly didn’t start giving it my all until late January of 2021. That is when my mind started to change around eating and putting all the pieces together on all the tools and tips Betsy gave me. I learned how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, and why to eat. I learned weekends and especially vacations are NOT excuses to fall off the wagon, overindulge and blow it out. She’s taught us to keep “cheats” in moderation!! 🍷🌮

In comes my hubby! Nathan saw my success and started working with Betsy in June in preparation for his first triathlon. I am so incredibly proud of him and his dedication to this with me. My husband is a very picky eater and Betsy proved to him ways to still eat healthy within his palette. Betsy-thank you for not making him cut bread out of his plan as he is not a happy person without it!

We together have lost 70 lbs! 🎉 Betsy has helped us break up our big goals into small increments and when we crush them we set new ones together. She has changed our lives and helped us become the versions of us that we can be!

We both weigh less now than we did on our wedding day!! Thank you times a million Betsy for helping us find this healthier, sustainable life!!

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