Shannon’s Journey

Mar 30, 2020

I’m about to turn 50 and I’ve always been fairly healthy and active so when my weight was slowly creeping up I thought doing a 90 day no-wine challenge would fix it. I expected the weight would just drop off but 30 days in, no change at all. I thought my metabolism was stuck due to age and started to worry about what this might mean for my longer term health. I’ve always counted calories and have tried the pre-packaged meal programs, shakes, etc but those were always expensive, time consuming, and not sustainable or realistic for long term health and maintenance.I wasn’t sure what to expect when I met with Betsy hoping it wouldn’t result in a list of huge changes and specialty foods. As a pescatarian, my meal options are limited somewhat. Instead, she reviewed how I ate and noticed right off that I wasn’t getting enough protein, not balancing my meals with healthy carbs and fats, and had too much sodium. She took the items I already ate and reviewed a list of foods I liked and we put together a plan of real foods I can actually buy at the store that are easy and healthy.

She also gave me some short cut ideas on snacks that insure I can have good food on-the-go and told me how I could tweak my choices for the healthiest options. I was thrilled and relieved when the plan, as easy as it was to manage, actually worked! Not just for the weight, but how I was feeling. I began to notice I felt better on my running and my breathing was easier. The accountability was good for me, but even having Betsy review and offer tweaks, suggestions, and encouragement on my daily meals & snacks has helped a ton. When I increased mileage on my running she made recommendations for fueling and recovery and followed up. I actually would say that when I turn 50 in April, I will be at one of my all-around healthiest (and it doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost 15 lbs and am the weight I was 18 years ago when I got married!)I’d highly recommend talking with Betsy if you are feeling stuck, are training for something, or just need a healthier balance. She makes the focus on improved health and balance easy and personalized to your lifestyle and preferences. An investment in Betsy’s consulting is way more cost effective and worth much more in the long run than the latest pre-packaged diet food and protein shake a day plan!

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