Shelly’s Testimonial

Mar 16, 2022

I reached out to Betsy back in September after months of mentally abusing myself for, in my mind, unexplained weight gain. I could not wrap my head around the reason that I was gaining weight when I was engaging in a regular cardio routine, trying to eat several small meals during the course of the day, and limiting calories in those meals. I am a mom of three, in my early forties and I was throwing so many hypotheticals out into the universe, just willing for one of them to be correct. I needed an answer.

I was on Facebook one night and a suggested page ended up on my feed because I had friends that followed her page. I looked over her page and her website and thought to myself, “now is the time, just do it!” I sent her an email and she was like “come on girl, let’s do this!” Betsy gave me the education on food that I was lacking. How the foods I eat and when I eat them either fuel my body or weigh it down. After my first 8 weeks, I was down considerably, I could have stopped but I knew that Thanksgiving and Christmas were coming and I needed that accountability partner to help get me through so I signed up for another 8 weeks. The holidays are when I like to cook and bake and indulge in all my grandmother’s home cooking. I knew that it was going to be tough, so Betsy helped me through it. I did get to enjoy a few things during the holidays but because of my new education and my desire to be accountable to myself, I knew that it couldn’t be like it was all the years before.

After 16 weeks, I am down 24 pounds. I am at a weight that I haven’t been at since 2012 and I feel great! I feel as if I have given years back, not only to myself but to my husband and kids. Thank you, Betsy, for adding tools to my toolbelt to get my health back on track!

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