Tia Wallace

Dec 8, 2019

“When I contacted Betsy I didn’t realize how much sugar was running my life in so many different ways. Every day it was a chore to just keep up the rush before I crashed…or worse, I would crash and be irritable, incapable of making decisions, sometimes I even felt faint. Sugar ran the show. I knew I needed a lifestyle change. Betsy is so incredibly encouraging and such a great source of information. She breaks everything down in simple, realistic, attainable rules that I needed desperately. I knew what foods are healthy, I’ve regularly exercised for years, and I thought I was fueling my body throughout the day (I wasn’t). I have calorie counted before, but never gone on a diet. I was overwhelmed with all the information/options and nothing seemed like it would be attainable for the rest of my life. I knew if I dieted I would lose weight and then gain it back so what was the point. Betsy established rules for my eating which has been life-changing. This equals that, have one or the other. Pair it with this, not that. Simple and totally attainable. My goal was to lose 15-20 pounds. What I didn’t fully grasp was how that goal would affect my body in other ways. I’m doing the same exercise routines I have done for years but I’m able to do them SO MUCH BETTER. I’m not dragging, I’m able to do the highest modifications and it feels great. My energy level is stable throughout the entire day as well as my mood which is huge. When I’m exhausted from a hard day or week I don’t shut down like I would before, I’m still able to think and do things without losing it. If I get hungry I don’t panic with a feeling like I need to put something in my mouth or I will “shut down”. I’m super happy with the weight I’ve lost, but the energy and quality of life I’ve gained working with Betsy cannot be measured by pounds or sizes. I’m truly grateful to her.”

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