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Feb 8, 2021

“Thanks to a friend of mine, I heard about Betsy, so I started following her on IG and FB. I frequently saw delicious looking meals and snacks and started reading her Tuesday Testimonials. I felt I had always been a healthy eater – my husband and I have been gluten-free for 8 years, which was a great lifestyle change that helped us both feel so much better, but I knew I needed to do more than eat gluten-free and do a few days of exercise. I’m a busy working mom, business owner and have been known to always have a little too many commitments on my plate, so my eating habits weren’t the best. The issue was that I hardly ever ate! Not because I meant for it to be that way, but by the time I felt hungry and had actually slowed down long enough to realize it, I was sitting in the car line to pick up my kids at 3 pm. I would basically go most of my day with just a big healthy breakfast at 8 am….and black coffee the rest of the day. Sometimes I would have a lunch appt or I would grab a little something from somewhere between appointments and eat in my car. We also travel a lot with my son’s soccer team, which doesn’t help our healthy eating habits either, but I learned from Betsy it doesn’t have to be that way. That has been much of my life for the past 10-12 years – non-stop. Once Covid hit, I started cooking a lot more – I mean there was nothing else to do but cook and clean all day! I’m a busy body, so sitting around watching Netflix all day is not my style, so we would cook and bake as a family, which was amazing to have the time to do that. Fast forward to a beach vacation in July – I had an ah-ha moment going back and looking at our pictures when we got back from vacation. Aside from gaining 50+lbs with each of my pregnancies, those pictures from the beach came in a close 2nd to being at my all-time high for my small 5’3” frame. I felt terrible, I was always tired, I had my last physical in early July and showed signs of high cholesterol and I knew I was at a tipping point on the scale for my own personal psyche. The kids were about to start back to in-person school and I knew I needed to get into a better routine too, for myself. I may not have gained “the Covid 19” but as I approach 40, I knew I had to do something more long term or I would be miserable. I’ve always been active, I grew up playing sports, played basketball at a collegiate level, I’m a planner and very much type A, but I felt like I had let myself go while taking care of everyone else around me. So I knew I needed to do something for myself and that if I were given a specific plan, I would stick to it. I decided to meet Betsy at the end of July. I learned so much in that first meeting – my biggest issue was that I was not eating enough. Go figure, eat more would help me lose weight?! Betsy formulated a plan based on my goals and lifestyle – she totally understood my lifestyle as a working mom and running kids in different directions every day, as she was in the same boat! We went through what to eat, when to eat it, and also why. I was a little nervous before we met because I was afraid I would have to learn how to count macros, etc. which I was not up for. Her plan was so simple and her accountability and motivation pushed me through. After just my first 3 days, I lost 1lb by just eating! After that, the next 10-15lbs just started to melt off. I was shocked. Clothes were fitting better, I had more energy, and slept better. I sent her my food log of what I ate each night and weighed in on Friday mornings. We talked or met every 4 weeks and she would tweak a few things here and there when needed. She was also available for any type of questions I had, anytime! Even when I was going out to eat at a restaurant and didn’t know what to get. She “allowed” 1 treat meal a week, but some weeks I didn’t feel the need because I felt so good about what I was eating daily. My original plan was to lose about 10-15lbs, but once we got there, I was so motivated and knew I could lose more. My workouts also started to get easier, I was more motivated to workout and I saw the results…all from just eating the right things at the right time and not going without food to fuel my body. I’m officially down 20lbs. I love instant gratification in a lot of ways (who doesn’t?) and had tried all of the fad diets, workouts, etc only to get frustrated a month later or less in and quit with no results. Betsy’s way is an easy path to long-term happiness, which is better than any quick fix and I cannot thank Betsy enough for helping me get ME back in a healthy way without supplements or crazy macro or calorie counting. Betsy, you have been an amazing inspiration, friend, and coach on this journey! I’m so very thankful for you! :heart: I now have a lifelong plan to staying healthy and feeling good.

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