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Tina’s Story

Mar 9, 2021

“I became aware of Betsy and the success of my friends due to reaching out on social media. I asked other women what they are doing in the face of the unspoken, “menopause”. I had mood swings and weight gain that no matter how well I thought I was eating, would not come off. I am at the gym a minimum of 3 times a week and considered myself to always eat healthily. 

After meeting with Betsy and starting the meal plan she provided me, the weight started coming off. Food journaling made me aware of what I had been eating that needed to be eliminated or tweaked. I also learned not eating is NOT the answer. You have to eat the right foods throughout the day for your metabolism to increase. I now measure out my portions and weigh the protein I am having with meals. When eating out, restaurants have graciously prepared my requests without any resistance. It has been a discovery of the right way to eat and fuel the body.

The best part is I have lost 12 pounds and Betsy has helped me set goals for myself that are attainable. She has walked beside me on the journey and when I have hit a wall she has helped me by changing up my diet. Each individual’s success will be different and Betsy knows that. She also will call you out if you cheat and at the same time keep encouraging you when you are needing it the most. One extra in this has been my hubby has lost over 30 pounds, simply because he watched me change my eating habits and he sees the physical changes in me. I now have my waist back. You can lose weight and age is only a number.” – Tina

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