Wilson Couple

Dec 8, 2019

“At the age of 61, my husband Gai Wilson, decided to do an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run – yes all in one day) and knew he needed guidance with his nutrition so he turned to Betsy Johnson. Not only did Betsy teach him how he needed to fuel his body during training, but she also taught him how he needed to fuel his body during the race. She told him he wasn’t eating enough (he needed to be eating appx. 1000 calories more per day) and she knew he would see his energy increase, which it has. Gai is now 65 years old and works out five days a week and in amazing shape.⁠

Now to me….I have never really had a weight issue but can tell you the older you get the harder it gets. I’m 60 years old, a five-year breast cancer survivor and I thought I knew the correct foods to eat. The first day I met with Betsy she was so encouraging and told me I wasn’t eating enough. Betsy took so much time explaining proteins vs. carbs vs fat and exactly what my body needed. Within a day or two, I could already tell my energy had increased. She gives you so much confidence and you know that YOU CAN DO THIS! I can honestly say I don’t feel 60 years old…I’m thinking more like 40!⁠ Through this process, I have lost 14 pounds!⁠
Thank you, Betsy, for your knowledge, support, and friendship. We know that you will always be there for us. We couldn’t have done this without you.”

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