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Nutrition and weight loss

1 on 1 Program

“After recruiting Betsy’s help I feel at least 15 years younger…I have lost 51 pounds over the past two years and am wearing clothing sizes that I have not worn since I was in my late 40’s.”
-Peter Chilian

Do you keep telling yourself that you are going to start a new diet on Monday? Frustrated by all the programs and diets you’ve tried in the past that don’t last? Do you work best when you have someone to help hold you accountable? Not sure where to start when it comes to nutrition?

If any of the above sound like you, Betsy can help. She has been helping clients reach their goals for the last seven years and has a passion in helping people better themselves and to help them believe in themselves so they can reach their goals!

1 on 1 Program Details

8 Weeks to a Better You

During this 8-week program, you’ll receive:


Initial one-on-one consultation


Meal prep tips and best practices


Monthly email with healthy new recipe


Goal setting and reviews


Daily check-ins via text messaging with weekly weigh-ins


Face to Face meetings every four weeks to set news goals


Pre-program Bod Pod Scan at Eddie's Health Shoppe


Post-program Bod Pod Scan at Eddie's Health Shoppe

Prior to your initial one-on-one consultation, you’ll complete a 3-day food journal and a lifestyle evaluation. This will help create a foundation and trajectory for the 8-week program.

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Real Work, Real Results

Certified Nutrition Coach

Betsy Johnson, an ISSA certified nutrition coach, has a passion for exercise and nutrition.  She is proven as a positive coach for making nutrition work within a variety of lifestyles. 

Fitness & Nutrition

Betsy has a passion for nutrition and sports and loves to help people reach their ultimate goal in weight loss and lifestyle changes. She has been involved in athletics her entire life, and uses her experience as a Nutrition Fitness Coach to help others achieve their goals.

Endurance Athelte

Betsy has also competed in a variety of short-distance,  Olympic distance, and half-iron distance triathlons.  She is a 3-time All-American Triathlete. She understands what it means to compete, but most importantly, how to fuel your body correctly for an ultimate lifestyle change.

Healthy Lifestyle

80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise

Remember, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. A healthy lifestyle, especially for weight loss, is 80% nutrition, and only 20% exercise.

Let Betsy’s Nutritional Consulting help you begin on a journey to a healthier you. You will feel better inside and out!

Have questions? Ready to get started creating a healthier you? Ready to learn healthy eating that will last a lifetime?

Nutritional Programming

Athletic Performance

Endurance Nutrition Consulting

As a 3 time All-American Triathlete, 7 time Boston Marathon Finisher, Ironman finisher, as well as many additional half-Ironman’s and half-marathons, Betsy can help advise an endurance athlete on their nutrition. People spend many hours on their training for a race, but forget one of the most important aspects of any race…nutrition!

Your one-time Endurance Nutritional consultation includes:


Review of food and workout log


In-depth lifestyle questionnaire to understand your specific history and needs


One on one consultation covering new ways to improve your body for endurance, including nutrition recommendations, workout routines and recovery plans


Instruction on timing of eating and workouts, including a personalized schedule

Nutritional Programming

Whether you are training for your first 5K to a half-marathon or Ironman, Betsy can help you with nutritional advice and race day nutrition strategy. You can choose to have a one time nutrition consultation for your race or may want to have repeat consults to supplement your training.

Get in touch with Betsy to get started with your nutritional programming!

Goal Oriented, Mindful Eating

Middle and High School Nutritional Fueling

For Kids Aged 11-18

As a mother of two sons, Betsy understands first hand that parents want to stay out of what their kids are eating. She knows parents want someone else to tell their children how to eat, how to fuel their bodies, and most importantly, what to eat.

Kids often eat mindless calories. In this program, a teen (age 11-18) will fill out a three-day food log and provide background information and desired nutritional and athletic goals. Betsy will use these details to craft a personalized nutritional program to help your child achieve their health and fitness goals.

Your one-time Middle and High School Nutritional Fueling consultation includes:


Three-day food log and in-depth questionnaire to understand your specific history and needs.


2-hour consultation with teen and parent to address their specific goals of what they want to achieve. Lose weight? Fueling right for sports? Gain muscle?


Personalized booklet of information, food and product suggestions, including a customized plan based on your child's goals and the initial consultation.


Whether your child is training for an athletics program, looking to gain muscle mass, or simply lose a little weight, Betsy can help you with nutritional advice and fitness training.

Get in touch with Betsy to get started with you and your teen on their health and fitness goals!

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Betsy’s plan is simple and easy to stick too. I was already working out before meeting Betsy without results. I am now a firm believer in the adage ‘diet is 90% and exercise is 10%.’ I loved the accountability of sending her my food log each day and the weekly weigh-ins. I have lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks! I also love that Betsy also works with you to build muscle, not just weight loss.


I decided to contact Betsy after seeing the impressive results she was having with some of her other clients. Within a couple of weeks of my first meeting with Betsy, the weight began to drop off and it wasn’t long before I saw numbers on the scale that I never thought I’d see again. Overall I lost over 20 pounds and am still eating healthy. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a healthier version of themselves.
John McDonald

After 16 weeks of physical training and working with Betsy on my nutrition since April 7, it was October 7, 2018 – race day was finally here! I HAD LOST 20 pounds in the process of working with Betsy all the while I was training for my first marathon. Working with Betsy over the past five months gave me the confidence to conquer anything I put my mind to!
Amber Sayle

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