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“Betsy met with 10 people from our marketing team and walked them through a fascinating presentation.”
– Sarah Kennedy, Popeye’s Marketing Team
Group lectures are an excellent means of promoting wellness or nutrition advice within your organization or business. Betsy is available to any group desiring a guest speaker on the subject of healthy living and a nutritious lifestyle. She has experience speaking to youth groups and local businesses or corporations. Betsy has given lectures to members at Country Clubs as well as helped these clubs provide healthy dining options for its members and guests.

Fees are based on event, length of time and attendance. Email Betsy for more information.



Popeye’s Marketing team

“I went to Knoxville to visit family, and I could not believe what a transformation my brother and sister-in-law had made to their overall health and weight. They always exercised and ate relatively well, so I knew something had changed and it was working. They told me about Betsy and I couldn’t wait to meet with her, or better yet have her meet with me and the entire marketing team at Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen in Atlanta. Betsy met with 10 people from our marketing team and walked them through a fascinating presentation.

We learned about: appropriate foods to eat, how to pair your food together, what a proper meal should look like, when to eat, effects of alcohol and sugar on the body, common misconceptions about healthy eating, example snacks, lunch and dinners, what to order at restaurants to stay on track, and much more. Betsy has a wealth of knowledge about how to live a lifestyle where you can feel good and look good.

Our group meeting was fun, educational, and motivational. I know each person in the group will benefit from her consultation. Popeye’s invests in 2 to 3 things a year to help develop their employees personally and professionally, and Betsy’s consultation was one of my favorites! We have already removed the candy bowl and are getting a private “marketing fridge” that will be stocked with the healthy snacks Betsy taught us to eat. Thank you Betsy!”
– Sarah Kennedy, Popeye’s Marketing Team

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