Karen’s Story

"I have always had trouble losing weight. In my lifetime, I have tried diet pills, fad diets, advertised supplements and the most I could ever lose was 10 pounds. Nine years ago, after a serious hamstring injury and when I was approaching 60, I started gaining weight...
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Jes’ Story

Losing 24 pounds is what Betsy helped me do! After having three babies in three and a half years and having a hard time getting the weight off by myself, I called Betsy. She is so motivating and patient with me as she guided me in the right direction with food. She...

Heidi’s Transformation

I had followed Betsy for several months on social media and marveled enviously at the Tuesday testimonials. It wasn’t until I saw one from a 60 yr old female that I actually got the courage to message Betsy. But I still hesitated. I had slowly gained weight over the...
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Julie’s Transformation

I first found Betsy on Instagram and after looking at pictures and testimonials for two months I finally decided to reach out to her. I walked away from our first meeting with a kind of enthusiasm and hope I’ve never had before in all of my lifelong efforts to lose...

Becky’s Story

I found Betsy on Instagram and I was impressed with her client's results. I am 63 years old and had been putting weight on over the years, losing a few pounds, then gaining them back. I needed accountability and that’s one of the main things Betsy has done for me. I...

Chandra’s Journey

"In August of 2018, I started working with Betsy. I called her because for most of my adult life I had been on every fad diet known to man, bought all the trendy diet books, drank the teas, done it all list, and regained more pounds than I can count and I was over it!...

Andrea’s Journey

I had been pretty slim all of my life, and then 35 hit. All of a sudden, I was not exercising much and I was probably gaining 5-6 pounds a year. I knew Betsy, but never really thought her plan was for me because I didn’t have a huge amount of weight to lose, and I...
Emily’s Journey

Emily’s Journey

My energy is through the roof and so is my confidence. My cravings have all but disappeared! The wedding is definitely what pushed me to try this program out but I know the changes I have made with Betsy's guidance are for life. Thank you for everything!

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Kelly’s Race

Kelly’s Race

I am currently 53 and have been running in races since my late 30’s. On March 1st, I ran the One City Marathon with a PR of 10 minutes and a Boston qualifying time of 3:51:28. I can honestly say I would not have qualified without Betsy’s nutritional guidance, support and encouragement (not to mention she is a great cheerleader!) This is one of the best decisions I made to help achieve my goals as a runner. Betsy Rocks!!

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