Jan 4, 2023

A little over a year ago, I decided I needed to get some control over my eating habits and life. I live in Nebraska, but I knew I could work with her even long distance with the beauty of technology. I was so sick of my clothes being tight, only wanting to wear leggings, and just never feeling comfortable in my clothes or really in my own body.  I couldn’t understand why I was struggling because I was working out 5 days a week and thought I was eating healthy….I have learned a lot this past year!

I am down 35lbs, not taking blood pressure meds anymore, nor taking cholesterol medication. Betsy’s program is life changing. This was by far the easiest eating plan I have ever been on and never felt like I was on a “diet”.  Betsy was so great to work with throughout this entire year. I texted her a million questions at the beginning, and she so graciously would answer every single question. Betsy also knows that I am a single mom to twin 9 year old girls and work full time, and my time is very limited in terms of cooking and prepping meals. It was so easy to follow this plan without having to make recipes with multiple ingredients. This experience has been so life changing for me, it’s hard to explain it.  When I talk with Betsy about it, it sometimes actually brings me to tears—and if you know me, I rarely cry!

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Betsy and this program. It works, it’s so easy and I feel 10000% better without feeling like I am working extremely hard to feel this way. I am also grateful for the ease because in the past if it feels like work or I feel overwhelmed. This feels easy and doable for the rest of my life!

Michelle Patton

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