Apr 5, 2024

“I’m grateful for Betsy’s support and guidance in improving my eating habits and discipline. My initial goal was to shed a bit of weight (6 lbs) and trim inches from my waist, and thanks to her assistance, I’ve achieved both objectives. I’ve maintained my weight at the projected goal, lost a full belt size, and experienced a slimmer look and feel.

Throughout challenges like a move, job change, and the stress of selling our home and relocating, Betsy kept me on track. Even amid a hectic transition, I stayed committed to workouts and healthy eating. Your success with my wife assured me that positive changes were possible for me too.

Now, at 61, I feel better than I have in the past decade. My health is in a great place to ensure that I am here for my grandchildren and family. Thank you for everything!”

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By working with Betsy, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to create your best life.  It’s time to take your health and happiness to the next level.


Personalized nutrition coaching.


Simple nutrition and fitness tips for everyday life.


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