Jan 4, 2023

I spoke with Betsy in March after seeing some reviews on social media and a long-time friend’s weight loss. I was coming out of an extensive period of macro-counting mixed with ultra-running. I had been in a long reset after a race and had gained about 15-20 pounds during that time. I was completely mentally exhausted with strength work, step counting, and eating a high macro content, but I was mostly tired of the counting and gaining.

I explained everything to Betsy, and she gave me a straightforward game plan immediately. Whole foods, simple meals at the right time, and accountability. Betsy let me know exactly what didn’t work and held me accountable in a very motivating yet understanding way. No pressure, no numbers to hit! What freedom! Best of all, if my plan needed adjusting, she adjusted it. I wasn’t alone in the journey; it wasn’t all on me….and the results just kept coming. I was never starving and didn’t even feel like I was in a deficit.

Most importantly, Betsy listened to me and cheered me on every step of the way. I feel amazing, and I’m enjoying being active again after dropping the 15 lbs that were so difficult to tote around. I would tell her during my check-ins… “I feel like myself again!!” And I am.
Beth Browning-Foshie

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