Chandra’s Journey

Apr 27, 2020

“In August of 2018, I started working with Betsy. I called her because for most of my adult life I had been on every fad diet known to man, bought all the trendy diet books, drank the teas, done it all list, and regained more pounds than I can count and I was over it! I just wanted to learn how to make a healthy change in my diet that I could stick to and understand better how to fuel my body. I was turning 40 in May of 2019 and I did not want to feel like I wasn’t my best self. When I started with her I focused on the diet and then over time started to incorporate more exercise with @masonburkstraining, who Betsy recommended. Despite my lifestyle that includes a love of travel and not being one to miss out on cocktails with friends, I’m down 30lbs. 🙌 🙌 The best thing is I’ve been able to maintain that since losing it in 2019 and that’s a first for me! Betsy was such a godsend to someone like me who needs accountability and a push when I’m less than focused. I feel so much better in my clothes, I have more energy and am just overall so much happier! Betsy and Mason are both Awesome and great at what they do! I’m still working to get down a bit more and tone up, but I now have the tools to get there for sure!”

Sometime to achieve your health goal you have to change up your lifestyle! Chandra did such and her success shows! I am so incredibly proud of her!

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