Dec 8, 2019

” As I entered my 40’s, I noticed major changes in my energy levels and my weight. As the mom of two active children, I don’t have time to nap on and off all day. I got into a rut of eating on the run, constantly eating processed or fast foods and didn’t realize how much this affected my energy levels. A friend of mine suggested that I meet with Betsy and I’m so glad that I took this advice! Betsy sat down with me and immediately pinpointed how I was spiking my blood sugar throughout the day and then letting it bottom out, making me exhausted. My body could not keep up. ⁠⁠
I hate diets, I don’t like the complicated nightmare that it takes to diet. What I love about Betsy, is she helped me figure out a way to eat that is not a “diet”. I’m still enjoying all my favorite foods, but doing it in a healthy way. She makes it easy, and fun. I’m down 14lbs and feel great! My energy is back up, my eating habits are back on track and I owe it all to Betsy! She’s amazing!”

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