Lauren’s Story

Jun 1, 2021

“Despite having prior nutrition education, I had really lost my way with my relationship with food. I had over time picked up bad habits…fads with fasting, throwing my body into wanting to hold on to extra weight. I was frustrated with the countless hours I spent in the gym, but my lack of balance with food was sabotaging any progress. I turned 30 in 2020 and felt the seriousness of the pounds creeping on, slowly, over the years (especially working at a desk all day). I also was getting married in Spring of 2021 and I knew it was the perfect opportunity for a real change.

Betsy completely turned my eating habits around and I couldn’t believe I had been living any other way for so long. Not only was I not eating enough, causing myself to crave all the wrong things, but was also often eating the right things just at the wrong time. Betsy also opened my eyes to the true impact alcohol was having on my efforts. Once I started seeing (and more importantly feeling) the results of moderating alcohol in my weekend routine, I couldn’t believe the difference in how it felt. Surprisingly to me, the adjustment didn’t take long to become my new normal.

I now eat more food than I thought was possible to lose or maintain weight, I stay energized throughout the day, sleep better at night, and perform better in the gym!
I love the structure she provides yet allowing me to eat the things I enjoy – I am always feeling fueled and nourished. Grocery shopping is easy and the foods I should be eating are now just second nature to grab.
Saying I am a much healthier and happier person is a true understatement – and now I am a much happier and healthier wife! 🥰 “

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