Peter (Father)

Feb 4, 2020

Two years ago just after the Christmas holidays, I realized that my weight had gotten out of control, and I was approaching what I called “critical mass”. My weight had gradually increased because of bad eating habits, unhealthy foods, and most of all from making excuses to myself that advancing “age” both explained and justified my increasing girth. To make matters worse, the added weight was exacerbating left-sided sciatica to the point that I had even consulted a spine orthopedic surgeon as well as a neurosurgeon.

That late December I called Betsy and told her I needed her help…being my daughter she had over time witnessed my weight gain, but knew that I had to be the one to decide to take control of my problem. There had been many kind remarks and suggestions by her and my son in the past, especially when we were sharing a meal together, but most of the time I rationalized. I had dieted in the past, but the problem was that none of the diets involved an actual change in lifestyle, but instead were only a temporary solution.

After recruiting Betsy’s help I feel at least 15 years younger…I have lost 51 pounds over the past two years and am wearing clothing sizes that I have not worn since I was in my late 40’s. My sciatica is essentially gone. The most remarkable aspect of the whole process is that I am energized about my health. My daughter has taught me more about healthy nutrition than I learned in medical school, and has educated me on taking a path of nutritional well-being that has me rarely hungry and never feeling “deprived” or starved. I am so thankful that I have a daughter and honestly a son as well who changed the course of my life.

As a 72-year-old man, I know I have improved my health dramatically. I am so happy with the rediscovery of myself and feel confident about embracing my future in the healthiest possible way and for my four grandsons that I love and adore. Thank you, Betsy…I think you have saved your father. I love you.

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