Paige Testimonial

Apr 22, 2022

“I am in college in Chattanooga and am 22 years old and have always been pretty aware of how to be all-around healthy, but within the last 8 months, my eating habits had really gotten out of hand. With all of the sorority events, social events, and other college things, I was constantly in a cycle of unhealthy eating but would then try to make it up by fasting or skipping meals, which is not the way to a healthy lifestyle. I knew none of this was sustainable or good for me, mentally or physically. I reached out to Betsy and she was incredible in helping me crush my goals. She created an easy plan for me to follow even with my busy lifestyle. Quick, easy meals are a must, and she taught me how to accomplish that even while living in a sorority house. Using Betsy was the best thing I could’ve done to get myself back on the right track. I lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks and feel so good going into my final month in college and transitioning into my new job after I graduate. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! “

Down 1️⃣4️⃣ pounds!!! Amazing!

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