Blake’s Testimonial

Sep 8, 2021

“Before I met Betsy, I had been a Division 1 college wrestler with the mindset to lift big and eat big. After I completed my wrestling career, I decided to try powerlifting. I hit all my goals, but I felt my heaviest and most uncomfortable. When I hit 30, I realized this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I tried many popular diet trends like keto, calorie counting, and intermittent fasting. They would work for a few weeks/months, but it was too easy to venture off and plateau. That’s when I sought out Betsy for help. I knew Betsy personally and had seen all the great things she has done for this community, but I always thought I knew everything I needed about nutrition. Boy, was I wrong!
On my plan with Betsy, I learned that proper eating is a lifestyle. I don’t feel bloated or heavy anymore, and I have consistent energy throughout the day. She encouraged me to go beyond what I could expect of myself. I can’t believe I am now down 75 pounds since I’ve started this journey. I have never felt better!! Thank you, Betsy, for your motivation and guidance.”

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