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3 Ways To Beat the Dreaded Fat Loss Plateau

May 27, 2021

We all go through it—that dreaded point in a weight loss journey where you are stuck at a standstill. You are doing all the right things and following healthy routines but now your scale does not want to budge and continues looking back at you with the same result. This can be very discouraging. Understanding why our bodies go through this stall can help us better understand how to beat it and accomplish our fat loss goal. 

Despite how frustrating the plateau is, researchers say it is normal for weight loss to slow or even hit a plateau. As you continue to lose weight, your metabolism declines which causes your body to burn fewer calories. A slower metabolism slows down your calorie burn and eventually, you will be eating the same number of calories that you are burning, resulting in stagnant fat loss. To combat this, here are some tips to fight the plateau. 

Reassess your habits 

But wait, there is good news! When you reach a plateau, it can be beneficial to reassess your habits and current weight loss routine and see what will be productive going forward. Maintaining your weight loss is not always easy but consistently keeping track of what you’re doing will help to see whether or not your current habits are still productive on your journey. 

Change your workout routine 

Another tip to break through the plateau is to change up your workout routine – adding in a variety of different workouts. This could be anything from a longer workout to a more intense workout, mixing in cardio, strength, and other types of exercise to your routine. Think outside of the box. An increase in any general physical activity coupled with your workout routine will aid you in shedding the calories. 

Don’t rely on the scale

Most importantly, don’t rely on the scale alone to track your progress! When exercising, your goal is to lose fat, but keep in mind that your body is also building muscle. You are burning calories and building muscle at the same time, keeping your body at a stable weight. It is important to not stress about the number on the scale. Instead, focus on how you feel and assess your progress based on that. 

It can be difficult to stay motivated when the scale stops dropping but keep in mind that your body is changing in a positive way and you should be proud of yourself for how far you have come!

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